About Our Academies (STEM, Creative Arts, Field Trips and Nature Camps, Tutoring and School Success, Gamepreneuring, CTE, PCE, Business and Finance)

The main goal of our Academies is to promote and foster an applied education with a great mission to inspire, train, and empower the next generation of motivated inventors, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, business leaders, coaches, and mentors, who will make our world more sustainable, more efficient, more resilient, smarter, safer, and happier place for living. Our Academies include eight main Academies:

Our STEM Academy itself includes four subdivisions: Pre-K STEM, Primary STEM, Secondary STEM, and STEM club. The Academy brings extensive, practical, interactive, innovative, hands-on, and fun training programs and courses in STEM areas for children and students in the K-12 education system (for 4–18 years old students). In addition, we provide custom-designed courses for children suffering from learning disabilities (such as: ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, etc.) and children with autism spectrum disorder.

Creative Arts Academy provides training programs in Creative Arts (CA) subjects that will gain its clients at every level, beginner to advanced, (kids, pupils, students, adults, teachers, immigrants, and newcomers to Canada) the technical Art skills that will fuel everybody’s life with relentless, impactful creativity.

Field Trips and Nature Camps Academy runs field trips and nature camps throughout Canada to inspire students with fun and educational programs enriched with STEM objectives. These programs are beneficial for all kids because they help children develop essential soft skills, and social, inspirational, and cognitive lifelong skills.

In our Tutoring and School Success, we employ experienced advisors, highly qualified tutors, and innovative learning tools to ensure the academic success of students in elementary school, high school, and college. We provide full support and personalized services in homework help, academic support, remedial classes, exam preparation, summer classes, and preparation for entrance exams for students to succeed academically.

In Gamepreneuring Academy, we motivate and empower the young generation and entrepreneurs to learn about different aspects of game development such as production, art, and tech. It includes programs, workshops and clubs to provide students with a supportive playground to discover and develop their talents and skills to create their career paths and become successful game developers.

Our CTE Academy and PCE Academy provide extensive courses, training programs, webinars, and workshops for reskilling and upskilling for adults, employees, teachers, parents, immigrants, newcomers to Canada, and long-life learners.

The B&F Academy provides training programs in Business and Finance (B&F) subjects that will gain its clients (kids, pupils, students, young adults, immigrants and newcomers to Canada, managers, and young entrepreneurs ) the technical skills of business and finance that are two of the most dynamic and required skills for the 21st century.

 At the STEM Academy, we offer unique mentor-based and coach-based educational programs which follow the STEM objectives such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration & team working, developing hands-on learning skills/learning by doing or by experimenting, being innovative, developing R&D and problem-solving skills, developing decision-making skills, developing content creation skills, and constructive flexibility. Moreover, we are here to enhance two key factors: self-efficacy and outcome expectancy of STEM students.

In our programs, we follow STEM objectives to motivate and empower all children, young talented students, and young entrepreneurs in the areas of STEM. Furthermore, at the STEM Academy, we offer Financial Education & Financial Literacy for teens and young students.

At the CTE Academy, we deliver training programs in Career and Technical Education (CTE), also called Vocational Education and Training (VET), subjects that help employees to upskill and reskill themselves or applicants that require to have experience in these fields before starting their careers.

At the PCE Academy, we offer various courses, workshops, and seminars specifically scheduled to suit the adult learners for continuing their education, and their professional development.

In addition to educational and training programs, our Academies offers Workshops, Conferences & Seminars, Field Trips, Summer Camps, and Exhibitions in the areas of STEM/STEAM, CTE, and PCE.

We also provide courses to train newcomers to better adapt to life, work, and business in Canada and to learn essential procedures, rules, and relevant approaches.