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About Business and Finance
(B&F) Academy

The B&F Academy is to deliver training programs in Business and Finance (B&F) subjects that will gain its clients (kids, pupils, students, young adults, immigrants and newcomers to Canada, managers, and young entrepreneurs ) the technical skills of business and finance that are two of the most dynamic and required skills for the 21st century.

B&F Academy pathways

B&F Academy offers pathways in the following areas: Business Concepts, Personal Finance, Money management, Investments and the Stock Market, Loan and Mortgages, Stock Trading, Banking and Finance, Office Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing, Financial planning, and Financial security.

Participants learn skills in business planning, software and technology tools for the trade, financial planning, financial security, core economic concepts that apply to business ownership, analyzing and recording business transactions and interpreting financial reports as a basis for decision-making. They earn a knowledge of management, team building, leadership and problem-solving steps and processes that contribute to the achievement of organizational goals.