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The World Needs

The World Needs

Center for Coaching and Counseling at a Glance

Center for Coaching and Counseling (CFCC) is one of the most important units of Camp in Labs Foundation which is established to make a difference in people’s personal, professional and educational standards of living via 5 subsections of our center. Here, we aim at developing an efficient coaching center in Canada that can professionally perform as the best for children, young students, talented entrepreneurs, teachers, mentors, and newcomers to Canada (particularly underrepresented groups).

What We Do

The Center for Coaching and Counseling is going to offer varieties of coaching and counseling services for children, young entrepreneurs, young students, women, and newcomers to Canada.

● The Focus of the Center for Coaching and Counseling is to help people perceive their own personal and professional visions. Satisfying clients’ expectations is what the whole group diligently focuses on to ensure achieving the best possible results with the highest concentration on the clients’ needs. ● You would be able to come to peace with your personal history, and will successfully manage your mind. The possibility of viewing yourself from different angles will provide you with the opportunity to build new schemes of humor and honesty, and achieve personal integrity. Moreover, you will adjust your thoughts, feelings, and actions to your dreams. ● Creating an atmosphere through which people would be able to recognize their talents and skills is a major part of our mission. This can help the clients to successfully express the best of themselves by developing a positive attitude toward both their life and occupations. ● Our professional team will help the clients wisely address and resolve challenges through the services provided in two main sections of our center: Personal and professional Coaching, (including CAMP Life and CAMP Corp). Education and Digital Coaching, (including CAMP Store, CAMP EDU, and CAMP CMTP).

Personal and Professional Coaching


Attempts to coach individuals
to be able to conduct
a motivated personal life.


concentrates on triggering remarkable
changes in company culture in a way
to value moralities and Inspire innovation.

Education and Digital Coaching


focuses on enriching formal education
by promoting conscious living.

CAMP Store

is a window to
flourish your mind


is a Coaching and Mentoring
Training Program


Coaching is a helping mutual relationship between coach and client, in which a coach

  • tries to lead clients to make their desired change and progress in specific areas of personal or professional aspects of their lives.
  • Helps clients to deal with the problems they are involving with.
  • discovers a person’s potential to strengthen their performance at the highest level.
  • makes the clients achieve their goals and build developments they want to do.

We Are Experienced Coaches


Over 10 years of coaching children, women, young entrepreneurs and …


96% Satisfaction on the return on investment in coaching


Coaches with many experiences at all levels and in a variety of roles

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