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Career and Technical Education
(CTE Academy)

At the CTE Academy, we deliver training programs in Career and Technical Education (CTE), also called Vocational Education and Training (VET), subjects that help adults, employees, teachers, parents, immigrants, newcomers to Canada, and long-life learners to upskill and reskill themselves or applicants that require to have experience in these fields before starting their career. Moreover, in this academy, we also offer Workshops, Conferences & Seminars, and Exhibitions in the area of CTE, Stock Market, and Management.

We provide  applicants all knowledge and training necessary to succeed in future careers, and they will gain valuable hands-on and technical experience in their targeted career.

Our Courses in
the CTE Academy

The CTE Academy offers a variety of distinguished courses in the fields of CTE such as Incredible Electronics and Digital, Electronics and AI, Microcontrollers, Advanced Robotics (design, building, and coding), Computer Programming, Advanced Arduino, Game development, and Advanced Computational Neuroscience, Professional Electronic Maintenance, Laptop and Computer Maintenance, Cell Phone Maintenance, Calligraphy, Finance, Stock Market, and Management.

The CTE Academy takes advantage of experienced mentors, instructors to assure participants that they will have an outstanding experience.

We offer each course to be Live, Recorded, or In-Person and guarantee hands-on training that each participant will discover all theoretical materials in action.

The Events of the CTE Academy

In the CTE Academy, we also offer Workshops, Conferences & Seminars, and Exhibitions in the area of the CTE, Stock Market, and Management.


The CTE Academy intends to organize educational workshops by inviting experienced instructors and mentors to train and cover topics related to CTE, Stock Market, and Management.

Conferences & Seminars

Organizing educational, scientific events such as conferences and seminars by inviting experienced instructors, mentors, university professors, etc. to talk about Primary STEM focused STEM-related topics.


 Holding seasonal and thematic exhibitions related to CTE, Stock Market, and Management for educational purposes, sharing knowledge, and presenting new ideas and activities related to the CTE Academy.