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Data Analytics

DATA becomes omnipresent in many industrial sectors, and huge day by day also, the need of analyzing the BIG DATA is increasing.

Investors and business leaders need to analyze it in order to make appropriate decisions, data interpretations and predictions of the trends and future consequences become very important and critical and that’s the power of decision making that business leaders should be equipped with.   


Data Science and Data Analytics
Training and Services

In Camp in Labs Foundation, we place great emphasis on the individual’s training and empowerment of young generations and on preparing them for the job market.

We have great experts and consultants to train, upskill young students and organizations’ employees. We organize online courses, seminars, webinars, and workshops as well.

A: Basics of Probability Theory

B: Basics of Statistical Inference Analysis in a very practical way with using R and SAS 

C: Statistical programming languages as R, SAS, Python 

D: Structured Query Language (SQL) which is the foundation of creating and analyzing databases

E: Data integration from several sources, data transformation and loading to designed data-Warehouses

F: Designing OLAP systems by special tools of BIG DATA such as: Hive, AWS Athena

G: NiFi as the most advanced data pipeline on the market

H: Power BI and Tableau as the most widely used tools for data visualization

I: Basics of Spark and Hadoop for analyzing big data

J: Training on many data mining algorithms.