About Field Trips and Nature Camps

Camp in Labs Foundation runs Field Trips and Nature Camps throughout Canada to inspire students with fun and educational programs enriched with STEM objectives. These programs are beneficial for all kids because they help children develop essential soft skills, and social, inspirational, and cognitive lifelong skills. 

Our programs teach kids teamwork and resiliency, promote independence, and train them to become more self-reliant as they explore their interests and inquiries and discover their strengths and weaknesses. We organize an excursion made by our teacher and students outside the normal classroom for first-hand observation, a memorable experience. The programs include Sightseeing, Language and Culture Educational, Gardening and Farming, Manufacturing facilities, Eco-adventure, and Business Educational.

The focus of Field Trips
and Nature Camp

In our Field trip programs, we provide chances for kids to strengthen experiential and contextual learning, revive curiosity, questioning, and investigation, evoke observation and exploration skills,  intense academic study, enrich classroom learning, including science concepts learned in school, by making real-world connections, and expose to different lifestyles, locations, and eras.

At Green STEM camps, children and teens are encouraged to participate in activities enriched with STEM objectives including hiking, nature journaling, nature crafts, cooperative games, singing, swimming, river walking, and more. courses sustainability renewable energy climate change natural resources, clean energy.

Under planning Field trips in Montreal

  • Art Museum
  • Aquarium
  • TV Station
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Theatre
  • Movies
  • Zoo
  • Farm
  • Industrial & business Field trips
  • Photographing the Great Outdoors
  • Reduce- REUSE- Recycle