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More about Coaching for Children Program

In the children’s coaching program, we believe that every child needs a unique prescription to solve their problems that no one can discover. The most important step in coaching is to create an inner motivation to change them. That they want to move from the current situation to the desired situation for their own sake and not for the sake of measuring, encouraging, or punishing. During the coaching process, children become more aware of their abilities and improve their quality of life through their actions. Coaching children is a process of developing their potential. In the process, a journey of excitement begins that focuses on the child’s inner world (abilities, interests, desires, etc.) and discovers creative solutions to the child’s problems. These strategies are created from within the child and make him a unique and capable responsible human being. Since our intention from coaching until the age of 12 is simply to establish the concept of coaching in his mind, it is better to confront him with the coaching process objectively, practically, and concretely.

What Coaching for Children Program Covers