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Neda Nabavi

CTE and Community Coordinator

Dr. Neda Nabavi, is the CTE and community coordinator of Camp in Labs Foundation. She is currently a professor at Algonquin college in Bachelors of Automation and Robotics and ICT programs. She has been teaching, leading program quality review team and coordinating at Algonquin college. Neda got her PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of Ottawa and her PhD dissertation involved designing, analyzing and evaluating an advanced automated control system for the digital coherent receiver within the RF-Cité system. Neda’s research would result in promoted equality of access to information amongst a sustainable digital city, which provides citizens with economic and affordable social benefits while sustaining growth in energy consumption. Neda is very keen to teach and promote BOPPPS model of lesson design in teaching. She is also very excited to work with individuals who are interested in enhancing their respective teaching practices and are passionate about the quality of learning.