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Nothing takes more human power than everyday life. When all days are in shape, there is no change, no excitement, our minds become dull over time, and fatigue and sadness affect life. Getting caught up in the cycle of everyday life means the death of dreams. On the other hand, we face stress in life, we endure physical and psychological stress, and these stresses can affect our souls.


Relaxing the body can help relieve psychological stress and also calming the mind can inspire freshness in the soul. Comfort and tranquility have a special place in the philosophy of life. To achieve this we need to create new work and ideas and make a small change in life, then we realize how attractive and exciting life can be.

Calligraphy has a special place in the words of the great, to the extent that one said that it is a good handwriting for the poor rich, beautiful for the rich and perfect for the wise. Likewise, the other one mentioned calligraphy acts as the language of the hand and the light of the human heart.


The study of the works of the great calligraphers of the past shows the encouragement, attention and care of the influencers, leaders and the elders to the scribes and calligraphers.


Arts such as calligraphy, with all its mysterious twists and turns, accompany us with manifestations of sacred art. In this art, because the artist deals with beautiful and instructive texts and needs calmness in his work, he finds a gentle, calm and kind spirit. Beautiful calligraphy causes beautiful effects in human beings and cleanses their soul from darkness and filth.




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