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Python for Kids




This course is designed for young students who are interested in learning computer coding without any prior knowledge or experience of any programming languages. This course offers easy and understandable exercises to help students learn the fundamental concepts of programming and it will be presented based on STEM learning objectives.



The following topics will be covered in this course:

  • Introducing data types (string, number, list, tuple, dictionary)
  • Operators (Mathematical, comparison, logical, membership)
  • Order of operators
  • Concatenation of strings
  • Loops (If statement, For, While)
  • Defining and working with functions
  • Learn how to import a module and then working with Math module



No prerequisite





Important Dates

Start date: TBD

End date: TBD

Registration deadline: TBD




Skills will gain:

(Learning Outcomes)


By Completing this course, Students will learn:

Basics of Computers concepts & Computer Coding

Basic Concepts of an OOP programming language

Basic Structures and Constructs of Python (Data types, Variables, loop, lists, functions)

Basics of Problem-Solving using Computers & Computer Coding

Writing simple programs in Python



Certificate Status

No certificate is available for this course





Free/Need to Purchase






Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)



Approximate time to complete

13 sessions of 1.5 hours



French / English



Is there any practice in the class? Yes, for each theory session we have a session dedicated to the practice.

Can we ask the professor our question after class? Yes, anytime you can send an email, upload your practice on the website. Our platform is designed in a such a way that it facilitates the communication between instructor and students.

Is there a teamwork at class? Yes, we encourage students to participate in groups and practice together.

Are there enough practical questions? Yes, for each chapter of this program, some questions would be solved at the class, then some questions or quizzes would be for after the class.

What do I need to prepare? Only a book and a laptop.

Is the class only online? Yes, specially until the end of the pandemic. Then after that it could be organized in class or online.


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