About CRDI

Research and development (R & D) are the path to flourishing creative dreams. We adhere to foster, focus and develop your ideas and then preparing research products to the market. The main goal of R&D in Camp in Labs Foundation is to reduce development times as well as plan and roadmap more effectively for the future by using its vast network of scientists and researchers. We can help companies and businesses which do not have the capability to do R&D in house. Camp in Labs is trying to prepare helpful and supportive environment for all scientists, researchers and innovators so that businesses can undoubtedly outsource their research to us.

Our Scopes

The main scopes of CRDI can be categorized in sex main areas: Human Interaction-AI (HI-AI), Trustworthy, Responsibility and Ethic & AI (TRT-AI), Applications of AI in Education, Information and Entertainment (EIE-AI), Applications of AI in Health and Wellbeing (HW-AI), Applications of AI in Green, Environment Technology, and sustainability (GES-AI), and Applications of AI in Society and Economy & AI (SE-AI). Moreover, two main important tasks of the R&D are researching about incoming problems which can be from the inside of the foundation or outside and developing innovative ideas. Based on these two wings of success in the Camp in Labs, R&D is the best place for following situations:

  • Providing solutions to questions/problems in other departments of our foundation which need to be searched and investigate deeper or further.
  • An innovative idea from other parts of the foundation which needs to be searched about its feasibility.
  • An innovative idea from outside which needs to be searched about its feasibility.
  • To help incoming innovative ideas to become a prototype or seed for a start-up idea.
  • To help improving the prototype for finding a new market as viewpoints of performance and marketing.
  • Establish an active network with funding centers, universities, research institutes and laboratories which CampinLabs will be the central node of this network.
  • To find new funding opportunities inside and outside of Canada and apply for possible and variety of R&D grants.
  • To find and attract young talented innovators with new idea from inside and outside of Canada.
  • R&D in Camp in Labs focuses on top-notch research areas based on priorities in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as well as global urgent problems. Currently, the foundation works along following directions:
    • Developing & Advancing AI Applications, Developing & Advancing Smart Homes & Smart Cities, and Promoting Ethical and Responsible AI
    • Improving & Advancing Quality and Accessibility of STEM, and CTE Education
    • Developing Novel Edutainment Games, Game Based Learning (GBL), Gamification of STEM/CTE education for kids & young people.
    • Creating Novel Assistive and Educational Technologies (EdTech) for kids & students with learning disabilities.
    • Creating Novel Educational Technologies (EdTech) based on Wearable, VR/AR/MR, 3D printing, and IoT technologies to improve the Quality and Accessibility of STEM/CTE education.
    • Good Health, Promoting & Advancing Digital Health care, Developing Smart Healthcare Technologies & Applications
    • Promoting Good foods & Sustainable Foods, Developing Smart and Sustainable food Technologies & Applications
    • Conservation & Promoting Production & Usage of Renewable and Green Energies
    • Sustainability, Protecting Life on Land, Conserving Renewable Resources and Natural Resources
    • Climate Change and Global Warming

Human Interaction-AI (HI-AI)

The main goal of human in AI is to generate new version of machines that can interact with humans, solve their complex problems, do their harmful actions, and help humans to build a better life for humanity. Therefore, human interaction with AI can consist of different kind of AI-application fields. In this scope of CRDI, we consider following activities in HI-AI:

  • Biometrics
  • NLP: Natural Language Processing
  • Robotics

Trustworthy and Responsibility & AI (TR-AI)

Trust is a key factor for any marketing and business. Same as what we have between humans, AI-based systems must be trustworthy to have successful collaboration with humans. Human-machine relationship can play an important role in AI companies. In this scope of CRDI, we consider four aspects of TRT-AI Explain-ability, Fairness, Reliability and Human-in-the loop in different activities such as follow:

  • Law
  • Psychology
  • Ethic-AI

Applications of AI in Education, Information and Entertainment (EIE-AI)

Nowadays, we can see sharp changes in human lifestyle by using online services and social media. Most of such services utilize AI-based algorithms and techniques to propose more intelligent educational and user-friendly games and courses, to find adaptive and useful information for teaching and coaching and help parents to care about their children. In this scope of CRDI, we consider following activities in EIE-AI:

  • Games
  • Social Media
  • Childcare & Old care

Applications of AI in Health and Wellbeing-AI (HW-AI)

The main concern of humanity is to use all facilities to change world to better space for humanity. Artificial Intelligence can help to find, propose, and develop new devices to promote human and animals’ healthcare and welfare. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can play an important role to improve existence healthcare tools and/ or create new AI-based equipment. In this scope of CRDI, we consider following activities in HW-AI:

  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Human healthcare
  • Animal healthcare

Applications of AI in Green, Environment Technology, and sustainability (GES-AI)

Due to AI’s prevalence in daily life to have more sustainable societies, it is necessary to pay attention to the impact of AI on our environment. Unfortunately, most AI-based services or products are base one human benefit and can destroy our life. It can help us to save our and our children future life. Considering these relationships, in this scope of CRDI, we consider following activities in the GES-AI as follow:

  • Green Energy
  • Transportation
  • Hospitality and tourism

Applications of AI in Society and Economy (SE-AI)

Economics plays an important role in the lives of human beings and human societies; it can help people to have a better life or lead to more difficult living conditions. AI can consider different parameters and help economists, politicians and governments to make a better decision for their society. In this scope of CRDI, we consider following items:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Politic

Technology transfer from academy & patenting

One of the most problem of young students, graduate students and newcomers to Canada is that they do not have any idea how can transfer their idea, academic research, and primary product to a commercial product/service. We can help you to find the best way to transfer your knowledge to a new product/service in CRDI just by filling out this form

R&D services for grad. Students

CDRI is ready to help all academic staffs or academic research labs for applying research grants. CRDI is ready to help them to introduce talent students, high tech labs and modern industries to develop their research and idea. Please fill out this form for further consideration. Moreover, most of the new Graduate students, postdocs, or new academic members have a problem to write and prepare high quality academic papers, proper technical reports, thesis writing, grant proposal, patent developing and other type of academic texts. CRDI is ready to help them by holding training and counseling sessions. Please let us know your need by filling out this form.

R&D services for industry

Most of the new start-up and young companies don’t have any R&D departments or they have small one. CRDI is ready to have a constructive collaboration with such companies to help them developing their new ideas, and finding best target market. If you want to be our new partner, please fill out this form.

R&D services in general

In general, CRDI is ready to have a constructive collaboration with any new partners. CRDI is ready for consultation and collaboration for R&D projects and providing novel solutions, novel techniques using R&D for other companies. CRDI will have different kinds of R&D related events, workshops, seminars, and conferences in the near future, if you want to be one of our partners in such events, please fill out this form.


Mehran Taghipour,
Younes Akbari,
Hamed Abdy, Ph.D.
Javad Sadri,
Ali Safari,
Zari Dastani, MD., Ph.D.