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Introduction to Secondary Education Center


 In Secondary Education centers, we bring extensive, practical, interactive, hands-on, and fun training programs and courses in STEM/STEAM for students in the following levels: Grades 7-12 (12-17 years old). In this regard, we follow STEM objectives such as developing R&D and problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership skills, and critical thinking abilities to motivate and empower all children, young talented students, and young entrepreneurs in the areas of STEM. Furthermore, in these centers, we offer Financial Education & Financial Literacy for teens and young students.

Our Courses in Secondary Education Center

 The Secondary Education Center presents a variety of distinguished courses in the fields of STEM such as incredible Electronics, Electronics and AI, Introduction to Microcontrollers, Amazing Robotics (design, building, and coding), Python for kids, Arduino: A Robot’s Brain, Game development, and Basics of Computational Neuroscience, Art and Crafting. To present our courses and programs efficiently, we also employ AR/VR/MR technologies.

We offer each course to be Live, Recorded, or In-Person and guarantee hands-on training that each student will discover all theoretical materials in action. In addition, the Secondary Education Center takes the advantages of experienced mentors, instructors, and tutors around the world to assure parents that their children will have outstanding experience.

The Events of the Secondary Education Center

Moreover, in the Secondary Education Center, we also offer Workshops, Conferences & Seminars, Field Trips & Camps, and Exhibitions in STEM/STEAM.


The Secondary Education Center intends to organize educational workshops by inviting experienced instructors and mentors to train and cover hands-on topics related to STEM.

Conferences & Seminars

Organizing educational, scientific events such as conferences and seminars by inviting experienced instructors, mentors, university professors etc. to talk about the Secondary Education Center focused STEM related topics.


Holding seasonal and thematic exhibitions related to STEM for educational purposes, sharing knowledge, and presenting new ideas and activities related to the Secondary Education Center students.

Trips & Camps

A field trip is an excursion made by a teacher and students outside the normal classroom for the purpose of first-hand observation. The Secondary Education Center aims at organizing many kinds of trips such as Sightseeing, Language and Culture Educational, Gardening and Farming, Manufacturing Facility, Eco-adventure, and Business Educational.