STEM Academy

At the STEM Academy, we bring extensive, practical, interactive, innovative, hands-on, and fun training programs and courses in STEM/STEAM for the K-12 education system. In our educational programs, we follow STEM objectives to motivate and empower all children, young talented students, and young entrepreneurs in the areas of STEM/STEAM. The STEM Academy includes four divisions: Pre-K STEM, Primary STEM,  Secondary STEM, and STEM club. In our STEM Academy, we also provide custom-designed courses for children suffering from learning disabilities (such as: ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, etc.) and children with autism spectrum disorder.


The Future Begins Here
Learning with Fun and Laughter
Ages 4-5

Primary STEM

Soaring to Excellence
Creativity Critical thinking Communication
Ages 6-11

Secondary STEM

Igniting a Brighter Future
Imagine, Create Participate
Ages 12-18


Together for Excellence
Collaboration, Team Working, Hands-on Learning
Ages 6-18