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Area of Focus

We focused on seed and pre-seed startups working at the edge of tech sectors that mostly include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data Analytics, and Data Science application
  • Machine Learning (ML), Computer Vision, Robotics
  • IOT Technologies, AI@Edge, Smart Embedded Systems, Smart Homes
  • Educational Technologies (EdTech)
  • Empowerment Tech
  • Computer Games, Animation and Gamification
  • Assistive Technologies, Wearable Technologies, AR/VR/MR Applications
  • AI in Medicine and Smart Healthcare, Digital Healthcare
  • Sustainable Technologies, Sustainable Environments
  • Green Tech & Clean Energy Technologies
  • Blockchain and Cryptocurrency
  • Decentralized Finance (Defi) and Decentralized application (Dapp)

About Camp in Labs Foundation

Camp in Labs Foundation is a non-profit Canadian organization, and it is the right place for young students, teachers, and young entrepreneurs to start their journey in Sciences, Technology, R&D, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship.

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