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About Camp in Labs Foundation

“Camp in Labs Foundation” is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims to improve and enhance education, entertainment, career training, and skill development of young student’s and entrepreneurs in the areas of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM). We conduct R&D activities, provide R&D products and educational services, organize coaching and mentoring programs, provide AI and smart assistive technologies, educational games, and educational services which are primarily designed and implemented for improving enriching the young student’s  and empowering young entrepreneurs in the areas of STEM/STEAM. We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, coaches, mentors, teachers, young talented students, and children to encourage and to inspire interests in the areas of STEM. We guide and motivate young people to study and develop their talents in areas of STEM also to pursue their careers in STEM areas. We bring practical, interactive, hands-on, and entertaining STEM training programs in digital skills such as computer coding, digital and electronics, AI, robotics, data science, data analytics, and digital content creation. Also, we work with researchers, coaches, mentors, teachers to promote problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership and critical thinking skills among young entrepreneurs, young talented students, and children.  Particularly we aim to reach and empower under-represented groups in STEM areas such as women and girls, indigenous students, students with disabilities, and talented students in precarious economic situations, and we would like to provide enriched equal career development and training opportunities for everyone. In addition, we provide tech incubators, R&D centers, laboratories, makerspaces, and conduct R&D activities, organize educational and research conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, trips and camps for young entrepreneurs, and their coaches, mentors, also for young students, children, and their parents/teachers.

Mission Statement :

To train, inspire, empower, and support the next generation of motivated teachers, mentors, engineers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who will make our world a more sustainable, more efficient, more resilience, smarter, safer, also happier place to live in. 

Vision statement :

The most generous influential educational institution, and innovation-based business incubator in Canada (by 2025) for training, coaching, mentoring, supporting, and empowering the next generation of teachers, coaches, mentors, engineers, inventors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who will be deeply inspired and committed to sustainability, efficiency, resilience, and serving humanity.

Our Values:

  • Committed to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) to ensure Ensure providing everyone with the growth and development opportunities
  • Committed to serving underrepresented groups     
  • Respecting our clients and partners
  • Building trust with our clients and our partners 
  • Protecting our clients’ and partners privacy and dignity

  • Ensuring security and safety of our clients and employees

  • Nurturing skills, talents, creativity, and growth
  • Committed to resilience & learning from failures 
  • Promoting ethical behavior, ethical development, and sustainable growth          

  • Promoting education and training for a sustainable & eco-friendly development

  • Being respectful to nature and take care of our planet and protect its valuable natural resources

  • Promoting efficiency and smartness in utilizing valuable resources Serving humanity

Strategic Directions :

  • Adapting education for a better and happier life through discovering and utilizing the full potential of creative mentors, teachers, and students, promoting hands on learning, problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and innovation, development of leadership and entrepreneurial mindsets, also respecting and caring the nature and our environment.

  • Fostering and Promoting Coaching and Counselling in empowerment, growth, enhancing productivity, enriching and advancing life style of individuals and organizations.

  • Discovering, nurturing, mentoring, coaching, and generously supporting start-up ideas and teams in order to  empower the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders who will create new innovative sustainable technologies & companies.

  • Making our world more sustainable, efficient, resilient, smarter, safer, and happier place to live through providing high quality AI and data analytics education and services to everyone.

  • Delivering high quality and innovative based R&D support, services and solutions to startups and other organizations through establishing an active collaborating network with universities, granting agencies, and researchers around the globe.

  • Developing business based on collaboration with all stakeholders and expanding partnership network through crowdsourcing, outsourcing, volunteer-ship, and connecting to communities.

  • Creating a value-based brand for empowerment and fulfillment of all stakeholders, partners, and clients and their satisfaction.

Goals and Perspectives

  • We provide science laboratories, maker spaces, and Technological incubators for kids, young students and entrepreneurs.
  • We Provide equal opportunities for STEM/STEAM education, skill development and career training for all kids, young students.
  • We provide and teach hands-on learning, hands-onexperiences, and problem-solving skills to develop talents, and interests in all areas of STEM/STEAM
  • We provide training programs in computer coding, robotics and AI, data science, data analytics, and digital content developments to expand problem solving skills, creativity, critical thinking abilities, and motivaing of all children and young students.
  • We provide educational contents, programs, and training sessions in all areas STEM/STEAM for all kids, young students.
  • We provide educational contents and training sessions in the areas of natural resources, renewable energies, wildlife preservation and basics of farming and agriculture for all children and young students.
  • Through our R&D programs, we create novel educational and laboratory tools, kits, robots, games, and educational toys as well as educational, assessment and assistive technologies for schools, mentors, coaches, teachers, students, and all children.
  • We organize educational STEM/STEAM conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, trips and camps for mentors, coaches, teachers, young students, parents, and all children. 
  • Through our R&D programs, we provide technologies, products, and services in the areas of digital health and sport for young students and all children, particularly for students with learning or physical disabilities.
  • We provide support and consultation for institutions, entrepreneurs, mentors, coaches, teachers, and all young talents to introduce, improve and present their skills, inventions, innovative contents, products, or services. 
  • We provide information technology (IT), data science, data mining, data analytics, and AI services and products to other foundations, institutions and organizations.
  • We organize entertainment, recreation, leisure activities, celebratory events, summer camps, gaming clubs, sports clubs for all children and young students.
  • We train kids to do scientific experiments by hand & Think Critically.
  • We act for kids, young students, and young Entrepreneurs.
  • We develop Talents, Train business leaders, and future entrepreneurs.
  • We create an excellent environment for STEM/STEAM based training and education.
  • We leverage AI and data driven methods for improving education and innovations.
  • We discover kids’ potentials, support their education, develop their talents, and shape their futures interests in STEAM.
  • We bring joy and entertainment in Kids’ education.
  • We provide innovative STEM/STEAM education for a greater success.
  • We promote Coding, Problem Solving Skills, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Innovations.
  • We help Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Coaches, and Teachers to gain a greater success through our R&D Programs and Services.
  • Our endeavors are for Enhanced Education, and Research & Development in Canada
  • We promote Innovations, Critical Thinking, and Hands on Learning for developing young Talents.
  • We bring joy and entertainment in STEM/STEAM education
  • We fill leisure intelligently with fun, entertainment, and Hands on Learning STEM/STEAM activities.
  • We fill leisure intelligently with Hands on Learning for Developing Talents.
  • We Promote Innovation, Critical Thinking, Fill Leisure with Hands on Learning for Developing Talents.
  • We will use AI methods for improving Sport and Entertainment of young people.
  • We design innovative Data Driven Technologies to enhance Edutainment.
  • In Camp in Labs, we promote having Fun with Learning and Camping in Science Labs!
  • We discover Talents and we provide Consultation, Training, Mentorship, Coaching, Incubation, Partnership for their innovative ideas.
  • Camping in Labs Promote Innovation, Critical Thinking, Implement Leisure with Hands on Learning for Developing Talents.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM) help us to grow innovative ideas, novel solutions, new products, and services.
  • Scientific Explorations begin in Labs and ends as Art or Technology.
  • We promote Creativity and Innovation through STEM/STEAM education and R&D activities.
  • Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, Problem Solving, and R&D are on the top of our propriety list.