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“Camp in Labs Foundation” is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims to improve and enhance education, entertainment, career training, and skill development of young students and young entrepreneurs in the areas of Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEM/STEAM). 

We conduct R&D activities, provide R&D products and educational services, organize coaching and mentoring programs, provide AI and smart assistive technologies, educational games, and educational services which are primarily designed and implemented for improving and enriching training of young students and empowering young entrepreneurs in the areas of STEM/STEAM. 

We work with innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, researchers, coaches, mentors, teachers, young talented students, and children to encourage and to inspire interests in the areas of STEM. We guide and motivate young people to study and develop their talents in areas of STEM also to pursue their careers in STEM areas. 

We bring practical, interactive, hands-on, and entertaining STEM training programs in digital skills such as computer coding, digital and electronics, AI, robotics, data science, data analytics, and digital content creation. Also, we work with researchers, coaches, mentors, teachers to promote problem-solving, creativity, communication, collaboration, leadership and critical thinking skills among young entrepreneurs, young talented students, and children.  

Particularly we aim to reach and empower under-represented groups in STEM areas such as women and girls, indigenous students, students with disabilities, and talented students in precarious economic situations, and we would like to provide enriched equal career development and training opportunities for everyone. 

In addition, we provide tech incubators, R&D centers, laboratories, makerspaces, and conduct R&D activities, organize educational and research conferences, seminars, workshops, exhibitions, trips and camps for young entrepreneurs, and their coaches, mentors, also for young students, children, and their parents/teachers.