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AI Services

Following our mission statement, we at Camp-In-Labs Foundation provide AI services for companies, organizations, governments, and individuals. Our AI services make our world more sustainable, more efficient, more resilient, and smarter. Like a pipeline system, Camp-In-Labs provides AI services to get raw data on the input side and provide analyzed data as the output. In the middle, our AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) experts analyze the raw data locally (@edge) or on the cloud, based on the application and critical requirement of your project, to extract valuable information.

Our expert AI/ML engineers provide AI solutions for your applications that can’t deploy on centralized data centers (called AI@Edge) such as cloud services. Our services are designing, implementing, and deploying AI solutions on smart sensor devices, data collection and embedding systems, developing an end-to-end AI system to analyze data from your IoT devices and sensors to provide fast and accurate outputs, implementing Deep Learning (DL) and AI/ML toolboxes to work with your smart devices, your smartwatch, speaker, phone, robot, vehicle, drone, or any other IoT devices you have.

At AI Services, we design computer vision and image processing solutions for your applications, from medical imaging to satellite imagining and remote sensing. Our automatic state-of-the-art object classification, detection, segmentation, and registration algorithms can detect, localize, and track your desired objects in two- or three-dimensional images in real time. We design and deploy AI services for the analysis of all sorts of data, from one-dimensional signals, sounds, and time series to three-dimensional data from the virtual reality of medical imaging devices.


Hashem Adl
Hamed Abdy
Javad Sadri
Farid Jafarian