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Flourish your Skills, Achieve your Best.

We focus on enriching formal education by promoting conscious living.

CAMP EDU at a Glance

In addition to teaching people how to learn, we believe it is equally important to teach them how to live. The clients achieve how to design their lives, create their future, resolve their past, love their families, have difficult conversations, be truthful, and live their lives according to their highest ideals. We work on universal matters and promote integrity, accountability, and transparency.

Our Programs

Coaching for Children Program

Specialized coaching courses for children are continuous and objective processes that make children think and awaken their inner creativity to achieve satisfactory results. This program is implemented with a coaching approach and designed for kids aged 5 -12.

Newcomers and Immigrants Program

In this program through coaching approaches we can help people who have a vague decision of immigration, or are not sure about their intention due to their limitations, desires, and unclear possibilities. These services are not limited to pre-immigration, rather, there are diverse facilities in our program which support immigrants in adopting a new culture, finding a job, applying for educational services, and learning a second language through taking hold of their strengths and developing essential abilities.