Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In a general sense, we as humans do pattern recognition every day when we are looking for a dog at home or one stock market is looking for the best time to buy or sell stocks. Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are computer science algorithms benefiting from statistics and mathematics, mimicking human behaviour for pattern recognition in digital databases. Far from the limitation of human ability for pattern recognition in large databases, AI can extract meaningful information and do it for us faster and with less error.

AI Services

Following our mission statement, we at Camp-In-Labs Foundation provide AI services for companies, organizations, governments, and individuals. Our AI services make our world more sustainable, more efficient, more resilient, and smarter. Like a pipeline system, Camp-In-Labs provides AI services to get raw data on the input side and provide analyzed data as the output. In the middle, our AI and Machine Learning (AI/ML) experts analyze the raw data locally (@edge) or on the cloud, based on the application and critical requirement of your project, to extract valuable information.

Our expert AI/ML engineers provide AI solutions for your applications that can’t deploy on centralized data centers (called AI@Edge) such as cloud services. Our services are designing, implementing, and deploying AI solutions on smart sensor devices, data collection and embedding systems, developing an end-to-end AI system to analyze data from your IoT devices and sensors to provide fast and accurate outputs, implementing Deep Learning (DL) and AI/ML toolboxes to work with your smart devices, your smartwatch, speaker, phone, robot, vehicle, drone, or any other IoT devices you have.

At AI Services, we design computer vision and image processing solutions for your applications, from medical imaging to satellite imagining and remote sensing. Our automatic state-of-the-art object classification, detection, segmentation, and registration algorithms can detect, localize, and track your desired objects in two- or three-dimensional images in real time. We design and deploy AI services for the analysis of all sorts of data, from one-dimensional signals, sounds, and time series to three-dimensional data from the virtual reality of medical imaging devices.

Data Analytics

Data is the core part of Data Science, and for this reason, we dedicated one department for Data Science and Analytics for data creation, gathering, and coordination. Moreover, our experts in database collection service can collect, generate, and provide your specific database based on your application. When you have a big database in your company or your organization, consider that a gold mine. Our data science and data engineer experts in our data analytics and data science departments can do gold mining for you. You can discover valuable information from a big database that can be used for enhancing yield, improving performance, and even estimating the risk of your investment.

Data scientists and data analysts at Camp-In-Labs with years of experience and proficiency develop AI/ML algorithms and analytic infrastructures to draw insights about things that are happening in your company for optimizing your organization. Extracted data from your databases will empower you to find weaknesses in your company and provide opportunities for investment, all while considering environmental impacts. Camp In Labs Foundation’s unique solutions is designed under ethical AI principles to increase your company value, not only in terms of wealth but also in terms of impacts on the environment and humanity.

Our experts in Camp-In-Labs will be your assistant in business decision-making situations to choose the best decisions using facts and information extracted from previous experiences and data. Our AI decision-making services allow leaders and management to detect problems, know the current situations in the field, and predict the future trends of the business. Our experienced analysts provide insights into data by developing tools on cloud platforms. Other services in the Data Analytics center are data collection and cleaning, design, consultation, implementation, and deployment of AI/ML pipelines based on customer specifications, analysis and visualize insights from your data and providing reports for your business, building and designing self-running multiplatform software and toolboxes to automate predictive models, and building web service APIs for deploying AI/ML models.

Last but not least, note that we have a valuable mission at Camp-In-Labs, which is flourishing the young generation by providing practical and hands-on career development services. Our AI Services and Data Analytics center presents AI/ML courses, seminars, and boot camps for all ages, languages, and levels of education.

List of courses:

  • Data Science and Data Analytics
  • AI for IoT and Embedded Systems
  • Deep Learning for Computer Vision
  • Deep Learning for STEM
  • AI/ML on Cloud
  • Data Analytics in Business
  • AI for Bots and Search Engines